Glentress Kennels was established in 1978.


Marilyn, Debbie and Katrina Adams welcome you.


Prior to breeding Border Collies, we bred and showed Australian Cattle Dogs.  It was Christmas 1978, when Santa left Rullion Flare under the Christmas tree for Debbie. This delightful 'package' started the 'Adams' girls on the enjoyable journey of showing and breeding Border Collies.

Rullion Flare was our first Australian Champion at the tender age of fourteen months.  Flare was the foundation bitch of Glentress Kennels.  She produced lovely progeny with great conformation and sound temperaments especially when Epsom, Checkmate and Rullion lines were combined.  These lines produced our lovely sire Australian Champion Glentress Rex "Randy". 

We continue, "Striving for Excellence", as it is our goal to produce sound quality Border Collies with biddable temperaments, and typical Border Collie movement.  

Over the years, our Borders have achieved some wonderful results both here in Australia and overseas,  which as you can well imagine, we are extremely proud of.  These wins include BOB at Crufts, Multi BOB at Royals, Multi BISS, Multi BIG, RUBIG and Multi In Show awards. 

Our versatile dogs, have also done extremely well in Obedience, Agility, Rally up  and Herding.  Glentress Border Collies are also wonderful family pets and companions.

We are very passionate about the Border Collie. What a wonderful, versatile breed! 


  Glentress Kennels

Striving For Excellence

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